16:9 VS 4:3 stretched

16:9 VS 4:3 stretched resolution


First of all let me thank you for your active participating in our poll! Now in the following we will explain you which resolution we would recommend and especially why.

Some of you who watch streams on twitch or youtube may have noticed, that lots of professional players use a 4:3 stretched resolution. Most of the official streamers admittedly adept the stream into 16:9, but on the players monitor you can see that they play in 4:3 stretched. So what´s the big benefit of it?

The real benefit you have from a stretched resolution is the model size!
Because the pixels on the x-axis are stretched, not only all objects in the map but also the models become wider and they are easier to aim on.

Its also a point, that many players come from Counter Strike 1.6 and are used to play with a 4:3 resolution.

A disadvantage which you should have in mind is that the left and right margin are a little bit cut and thereby you have a smaller view!!!
(note the doors on the left side!)

margin 4:3 margin 16:9

If you want to try to play with 4:3 stretched resolution you have to change your videocard settings to “fullscreen“. This setting ensures that the picture is really stretched.

Here is a guide how to setup 4:3 stretched for nvidia and intel:


Additionally you have to change the “m_yaw“ value in your game. Open the console and type in “m_yaw 0.0165“. The default value for playing widescreen is at “0.022“.
This setting makes sure that you aim horizontally and vertically with the same speed. As I mentioned before, stretching the picture makes every single pixel on the x-axis wider. You have to adjust the horizontal to the vertical to have the same sensitivity like you are used to have.

Playing 4:3 also gives you a FPS boost! Through lower pixel density your game does not need so much processing power and your FPS value benefits from it. The increase usually lies between 20-50 FPS! That´s a big step for the performance ingame.

For further information about increasing your FPS check out our guide in the “config & settings“ section.


In the end its up to your personal preferences with which resolution you feel most comfortable, but we strongly recommend to give 4:3 stretched a try because many players benefit from this setting and feel way more convenient.

If there are any questions left please inform us or leave a comment in the corresponding region.

Your csgo_base Team!

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