4Pics1Smoke! New smoke-guide upcoming!

smoke de_dust2


We´re planning to open a new section with grenade guides, primary smokes.
You will learn where to stay, where to aim and how to throw.
Sometimes it´s necessary to walk or run while throwing and all these information you´ll get in 4 pics.

Here is an example :

We want to show you the basic smoke spots for the most popular maps and prepare you for competitive matches.

This guide is also an easy way to look up individual smokes, without skipping forwards or backwards in various youtube videos to find exactly the grenade throw you want to perform.

Now we depend on your help: Let us know for which map you want to get the guide first!
Therefor participate in our poll or leave a comment.

Your csgo-base Team!

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4Pics1Smoke! New smoke-guide upcoming!

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