Practice Config

CSGO Practice Config

If you want to practice on a private server the default settings are very bad. No infinite ammo, short roundtime and annoying bots are ruining your experience. We show you some useful console commands for practicing smokes, nades, flashes and to show your bullet impacts on the walls.

practice config

Put this commands in your console

sv_cheats 1 // Enable “cheats”

bot_kick // Kick all bots. You’re alone now :(

mp_limitteams 0 // No team limit

mp_roundtime 60 // Maximum roundtime set to 60 minutes

mp_maxmoney 60000 // Maximum money set to 60000 instead of 16000

mp_buytime 9999 // Unlimited buytime

mp_buy_anywhere 1 //Buy your stuff everywhere on the map

ammo_grenade_limit_total 5 // Now you can have all 5 grenades

mp_freezetime 0 // No freezetime

mp_autoteambalance 0 //No annoying autoteambalance

sv_infinite_ammo 1 // Infinite ammo. If you want to practice recoil patterns, set this to sv_infinite_ammo 2

mp_warmup_end //Ends warump

give weapon_”type in the weapon you want” // Gives you any weapon

Commands for practicing grenades and spraying:

sv_grenade_trajectory 1 // Show the trajectory when you throw grenades

sv_grenade_trajectory_time 10 // Gives you more time to see where they land

sv_showimpacts 1 //Shows bullet impacts for practicing wallbangs and recoil patterns

sv_showimpacts_time 10 // ..


To fly over the map just enable NOCLIP

Bind “yourfavouritekey” “noclip”

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