Wildfire Update


The brand-new CS:GO Update “Wildfire“ is released! For all of you who just want a brief overview of all news and changes we made a quick summary. The update contains the following :

  • 7 New Wildfire Maps (Mikla, Royal, Santorini, Tulip, Cruise, Coast und Empire)
  • Nuke Remake
  • 16 new weapon skins
  • Bowie-Knife
  • Operation Coin (Wildfire Pass)
  • 2 new campaigns (Wildfire Pass)
  • Coop-Missions (Wildfire Pass)
  • Blitz-Missions (Wildfire Pass)
  • Gameplay changes

    After a long waiting period Valve released the new “Wildfire” Update for CS:GO.
    With 2GB it is one of the biggest updates within the last time and most probably the new de_nuke designs and layouts are responsible for that. The map now appears in a clear and elegant design.
    A further main goal was to improve the gameplay and provide the terrorists more tactical options. This came off through a new outdoor attack route and adjusted rotation times.87443

    The A spot is now more difficult to defend for CTs. The two rafters in the middle confine the sight to the sneaky door, so it´s a lot easier to take control from T side.

    Lower bombsite B got more dynamic for both, CT and T. Through a new entrance from Tunnels, the Decontamination room (short: Decon), you get more insight. Besides the planting area was expanded.

    Finally Valve took the necessary steps to push this map back into the pool of competitive maps and we are excited to see how it evolves in the future.



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